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0.00 ₴ / 1,730,000.00 ₴

- $ 145.00
- ₴ 1,507,850.75
- € 11,496.00

Total spent

Volodymyr Skovorodka
Captain of the civil protection service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv

"In the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, transport is not just a means of transportation, it is the quick delivery of highly professional and motivated rescuers to the scene of an emergency to save Ukrainians. It is the delivery of special equipment and equipment that will be used in one or another rescue operation depending on the situation. They can be special or utilitarian, taking into account the circumstances, type of work and equipment, because the characteristics of the fire-rescue or special vehicle affect the course of the rescue operation. From the first call to the rescue service number, we must know which vehicle will go to the scene!"

Andriy Tverdovsky
Head of the Ukrainian firefighters Foundation

"As of October 28, 2022, as a result of russian aggression, 1,617 units of fire-rescue, special transport of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, along with complete equipment and tools, were irretrievably destroyed, damaged and stolen. In addition, the remaining 64% of the vehicle fleet is morally outdated equipment that does not meet the challenges of today and, as a result of increased exploitation, requires constant updating, repair and replacement. However, despite all the difficulties with material and technical support, Ukrainian firefighters and rescuers continue to save our lives and eliminate the consequences of war. Honor and respect to them for this!"


The priority of the "Rescue special transport" program from Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation is aimed at helping our state and providing Ukrainian Rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine with modern fire-rescue, emergency-rescue and other special vehicles, as well as special equipment in those volumes and formats, in how it will be possible!
A beautiful and modern car for units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine means more saved lives of Ukrainians and a faster way to Victory! Also, these are safer working conditions for firefighters and rescuers.
Friends, join and support OUR HEROES WITHOUT WEAPONS!!!

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