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Address of the Department of State Emergency Services of Zaporizhzhia to the Fund

Ukrainian civilians are constantly losing their lives and homes to missile, rocket and drone attacks that result in fire. Residential high-rise buildings are in particular danger. 


The city of Zaporizhzhia, located only 70 km from the front line, has been ruthlessly attacked since the first days of invasion. Rescuers and firefighters of the city bravely save the lives of residents around the clock, but they need your help.


To reach high floors and to save as many people as possible, specific wreckers and cranes are required, equipped with the necessary rescue equipment for evacuation missions and firefighting. 
Our goal is to raise €50,000. This amount will be doubled by the EBRD's Civic Initiative, subject to due diligence, to provide the Ukrainian Fire Brigade with sufficient funds to provide more rescue equipment to Ukrainian rescuers.


The more equipped firefighters will be, the more innocent human lives can be saved. 
Please join and help the Ukrainian rescuers in their mission.  


To double the charitable contribution, we ask that you MUST enter the following "Charitable contribution under the EBRD Community Initiative program" in the intended payment.

Goal: 50,000.00 €

Fundraising has started!


Diana Stylik

Charity project administrator
Representative of the EBRD Community Initiative

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