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Final consumer: - Mobile Emergency Response Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Purpose: - Cynological car.

Address of the MERC of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine to the Fund

Four-legged super heroes!
Cynological calculations of the MERC are prepared to perform the assigned tasks in the most difficult conditions of man-made debris and the natural environment.
The dogs of the MERC undergo special training and are certified according to international search dog standards.
The search and rescue canine group is part of the team of the MERC, the only heavy-class team in Ukraine certified according to international standards in the conditions of the city in the INSARAG system.
Four-legged rescuers are involved in every search and rescue operation of the M and search for living people in the most difficult conditions of man-made debris and natural environment, in places inaccessible even to rescuers.
The main goal is to find a person!

A canine vehicle is a special vehicle designed for prompt delivery of a group of specialists and specially trained dogs to the scene. Cynological vehicles with dogs leave for places of search for people. The canine machine has all the necessary equipment for conducting operational measures, comfortable transportation of dogs in special compartments, and a workplace for canine experts is also equipped.


854,239.00 ₴ / 1,200,000.00 ₴

Fundraising is in progress!

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