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Assistance of the Kherson Oblast State Emergency Service from Fora's clients

150,000 bonus points of customers of the Fora chain of stores were converted to help the rescuers of Kherson! 📲💪

In June, after the occupiers blew up the Kakhovskaya Dam, Fora responded to our call to support the Kherson rescuers and organized a charity fundraiser in its mobile application "Help of the Kherson Oblast State Emergency Service". During the month, we managed to collect 150,000 points and cashback bonuses, which Fora transferred to us, and we, in turn, paid for the repair of three units of transport for rescuers.

Every time we organize such "bonus" gatherings, we are happy, because people have the opportunity to support our defenders at the front with "live" hryvnias, and we provide concrete help to rescuers at the expense of points and bonuses. Thank you for each "bonus" donation, together they have turned into a great cause, helping those who save us. 💙💛

Join and support Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation charitable programs:

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