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"Sustainable Partnership" with Nova Poshta

Good day, Friends!

We would like to inform you of one piece of news and leave a small "spoiler" =).

Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation and Nova poshta officially started cooperation under the "Sustainable Partnership" program.

This will help us to send the necessary assistance to the units of the State Emergency Service even more quickly and will simplify the logistical processes of the fund.

Thank you to the partners of Nova Poshta Humanitarian for the support and assistance you have been providing to the volunteer and charity movement since 2014.

And now the promised spoiler =).

In a few days, we will announce a very large-scale international charity project that will be talked about, written about and followed by at least two countries =).

For us, this is a separate and very special, emotional project.

Follow the news and join in supporting Ukrainian firefighters and rescuers!

Stronger together.

We remind you that you can join, donate and support the programs of the Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation by clicking the button below:

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