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During May, we received 15 tons of humanitarian aid from our benefactors

During May, we received 15 tons of humanitarian aid from our benefactors, reloaded, packaged and handed everything over to the rescuers, in the hospital and to those who remain living in their homes in the frontline areas. 💪

This is how we usually report on our humanitarian program. But it's not tones that are always more important to us, but the people we managed to help. And these are thousands of people whose life is a war every day. 🔥

Over a year of active hostilities in Zaporizhzhia, Kherson Region, and Donetsk Region have in some places destroyed all signs of normal life - neither water supply, nor electricity, gas, hospitals, or shops. 😢 It is in such areas that rescuing people for the State Emergency Service 🚒 is not only eliminating the consequences of enemy shelling, extinguishing fires, disassembling rubble or demining, but also the seemingly casual delivery of food or water to villages and towns near the front. People's lives sometimes directly depend on whether rescuers will reach them with help, food, water or medicine. And every such departure with help is a risk, because, unfortunately, the enemy is very close there, and it makes no difference to the russians whether they shoot at military personnel, civilians, medics, or rescuers.

It is very important for us that the humanitarian aid we deliver goes to those who need it the most. We constantly maintain contacts with rescuers and locals to find out who and what we can help, how our help is delivered and to whom exactly this help is given.

Thousands of people receive help thanks to our cooperation with companies that continue to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

A thousand, albeit short, but smiles, a thousand pleasant moments for people who feel supported, see in the rescuers who give them help, which means the unity of the Ukrainian people, because companies from different parts of the country are involved in this help, and what is most important for us, such more and more companies.

Sincere words of thanks to AB InBev Efes Ukraine for the water and beverages that were delivered to Zaporizhzhia and Kherson Oblast. We thank the Ukrainian juice producer for providing our own products, which we delivered to children in Donetsk region, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson region and to the children's hospital on Bogatyrska. 🤗 for Polish colleagues-philanthropists for the baby food that was given to children's hospitals in Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and Kyiv. We thank our new strategic partner, the Ukrainian Food Foundation "Food Foundation UA" for the goodies for the rescuers. Respect and gratitude to Nestlé and Nova Poshta Humanitarian for continuing to support Ukraine, helping our humanitarian initiative and doing an incredible amount for all of us.

Thousands of hugs and smiles to all who help, from those whom we were all able to help together. 💙💛

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