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Enemy rocket attack on Kyiv

One of our close rescuer friends this morning became a direct witness of an enemy rocket attack on Kyiv. He was going to work when the explosions rang out. Calling my own, correcting the address where to send the rescue squads, and running to the place of arrival, to save people, to help my own...

We constantly communicate with the rescuers so that the work of our volunteer team and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine is as effective and useful as possible. We motivate rescuers, firefighters, sappers with our work, faith in them, and we are motivated by their calm, professional desire to save and help, which is developed in them at the level of a natural reflex.

Today is not over yet. And who knows what else he will bring us... The shots and screams of the little girl rescued today in Kyiv - it deeply wounds and mutilates our human heart. However, we know what everyone should do now. Our brave and courageous soldiers will do everything to ensure that the inhuman who fired the rocket at peaceful Kyiv does not have a soft landing. Our medics will treat those wounded by enemy fire. Our rescuers and firefighters at the level of a natural reflex will calmly and professionally come to the rescue in the first minutes. We all already know what everyone should do for Ukraine's victory.

Let's once again thank our rescuers and firefighters, our saviors, who are the first to come to save our lives. Daily.

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