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Fire truck and headquarters rescue vehicle for Kherson and Mykolaiv firefighters

We came to Lviv to pick up a fire truck 🚒 and a staff rescue vehicle 🚑 for Kherson and Mykolaiv firefighters, and on the way back we were joined by a photojournalist from the United States, Jonathan Brook. Jonathan is not for the first time in Ukraine, he reports, takes photographs and organizes photo exhibitions so that Americans can learn what is really happening in Ukraine. His reporting shows our reality - the crimes of the russians, the brave fight of Ukrainians for their lives and freedom, the brave work of Ukrainian rescuers, the feats they perform, and the danger they face every day while saving human lives. This time he is preparing a material about our volunteer work, so in America, which is far away and at the same time so close to us, they will be able to see and learn about Ukrainian Fire Fighters.

🔥💪🏻 At home, in California, Jonathan also volunteers, collects aid for Ukrainian rescuers, motivates American firefighters to help Ukrainian colleagues. His dream is to travel all over Ukraine with his family after our victory. Our dream is the victory of Ukraine and we do not stop, we continue to help turn the dream into reality.

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