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Fire truck for Ukrainian firefighters!


Today's post is about transport. (The most interesting at the end of the post)

In the units of the #DSNS, transport is not just a means of transportation, it is much, much more. All equipment, absolutely everyone and everything that will be used in the rescue operation must arrive on the scene in the rescue vehicle. The rescue vehicle itself is a utilitarian tool for rescuers and firefighters. From the qualitative characteristics of special transport and its technical condition depends on which rescue strategy the rescue calculation chooses.

To put it simply, a good and modern car for units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine means more saved lives of Ukrainians. Also, these are safer working conditions for firefighters and rescuers.

Our rescuers have a tradition - they give names to their faithful rescue vehicles, because they treat them as team members.

Now it`s time for us to give a name to the first rescue car.

Only a small thing remained: we collect funds, buy a car, choose a name and transfer it to the subdivision.

Friends, let's start!

A fundraiser for a fire-rescue truck for Mykolaiv firefighters and rescuers is announced!

Our first target is the handsome and hardworking VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER 35 4Motion 4x4.

Budget: 60,000 euros!

And now, the promised "interesting" and pleasant: our colleagues and friends from the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council have joined the new program and will double each contribution x2!

So, we have to collect 30,000 euros or 1,140,000 hryvnias.

We are sure that we will cope with this task!

Peeling this rock)

Let's buy our rescuers a cool fire truck! Because these are saved human lives!

Donate quickly and conveniently using the button below:

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