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Great water left Kherson

Great water left Kherson. Rescuers are now continuing to pump water from flooded basements and first floors of buildings, while the pumps we handed over to Kherson are helping to eliminate the consequences of the explosion of the Kakhovskaya Dam. There are many tasks for the rescuers at the moment, there is still painstaking work to be done on the inspection of buildings, demolition of rubble, demining. Enemy artillery bombardment of the city does not stop, which, of course, complicates the task of rescuers, but the russians do not manage to intimidate the Kherson residents, many of whom survived the russian occupation of Kherson last year and know that this is worse than any shelling.

We are planning to purchase operational rescue minibuses for the needs of Kherson rescuers, the need for which is very urgent for various units right now. We will definitely tell and show you what we bought and how the equipment bought with your donations helps save lives.

We managed to "close" all the current needs of rescue divers in Kherson. In the video (filmed the 2 weeks ago) - a happy and motivated rescuer tries on a new set of equipment, which we quickly delivered. And every motivated and equipped rescue fighter is a saved life.

Therefore, we do not stop and continue to help those who will definitely come to the rescue in case of trouble.

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