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My name is Andriy Tverdovskiy, and I am a leader of the volunteer project «Ukrainian FireFighters Fiundation”. As all of us I have friends. My friends, together with our famous soldiers, fight for our country, saving human lives.these people are rescuers from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Ukraine.

Just as our brave soldiers and doctors, our rescuers need our support. Therefore, our team came together and began to help on a professional and systematic basis, as we have been doing it since 2014.

How we act:

First, In order not to waste time, we already began by solving small tasks and needs, Next step is to register the funding origination, and this means we have the legal and accounting system and the support. We have already started contacting foreign partners and friends. All assistance and help provided by them will be registered and monitored. Thirdly, our priority at the moment is Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Kyiv. Then we will expand. "Step by step."

With the following posts, we will publish the current needs . Furthermore we will publish all necessary reports.

I believe that now we have met, so I hope that we will all succeed because every aid and assistance is important at this difficult moment!

Glory to Ukraine!

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