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Helping people from front-line Orichov, Gulyaipol and surrounding villages

A brief report on assistance to people from front-line Orichov, Gulyaipol and surrounding villages - the Ukrainian Free Steppe, where the enemy offensive on Zaporozhye stopped a year ago. Since then, these towns and villages remain without electricity, gas, normal communication, and shops. Most of the people left here are elderly people who do not want to, and in some cases cannot, leave their homes. For the second year in a row, they live a few kilometers from the front line, under fire, without basic amenities, hoping for our offensive in the South and waiting for the russian barbarians to be driven from our land all the way to the sea.


We help our people. Food, hygiene - unfortunately, for those who stay in the frontline cities, this is a luxury and an urgent need. And thanks to the help of our German friends, ASB RV Stormarn-Segeberg , and to the brave rescuers from Zaporizhzhia, we deliver seemingly elementary, but actually necessary things. Thank you to everyone who helps save lives.

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