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Large fundraiser for an armored multifunctional truck

Every day, the rescuers of Donetsk region, risking their lives and health, carry out the evacuation of residents of the front-line territories, who are forced to leave their homes due to constant enemy shelling. Firefighters are often the ones who transport the injured to hospitals and are the only ones who deliver food and water to the residents of towns and villages in the war zone.

Now they perform rescue and humanitarian tasks in civilian cars and in ambulances, have repeatedly come under artillery and rocket attacks, and have suffered injuries. The need for armored vehicles is extremely urgent, and it is armored vehicles that will save the lives of civilians and the rescuers themselves.

We organized a large fundraiser for an armored multifunctional truck for the firefighters of Donetsk region, who in these difficult weeks and months are rescuing the residents of Bakhmut, Siversk, Toretsk, Chasovoy Yar, countless towns and villages that the russians are literally erasing from the face of the earth.

The cost of the armored rescue truck is 75,000 euros (approximately 3 million hryvnias). We have joined the collection of our good friends Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, who will collect in the United States for our firefighters a third of the need - 1 million hryvnias. Another 1 million hryvnias is already collected by the Fishka loyalty program and you can also join our collection by transferring points in the Charity section of the My Fishka application.

Our task is to collect 1,000,000 hryvnias for our Monobank "Recsue Truck" together with you. Get involved, even a small donation is a big deal.

Please spread the information about our collection among your friends and colleagues, every repost, every hryvnia will speed up our common cause, our common victory.

Since March 2022, the rescue unit of the State Emergency Service of Donetsk region, which we help, has carried out more than 600 involvements in the evacuation of victims in the area of hostilities, using its civilian cars to deliver 20 tons of humanitarian aid directly to people who were left without access to shops, without water supply, without medical help

We will definitely fulfill their request for help with armored vehicles. You also have the opportunity to help these extraordinary boys and girls save more lives and save your own.

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