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Minibuses for Kherson were brought from Poland

Minibuses for Kherson were brought from Poland. 🚐🚐🚐🍉 A little more time to equip and bring them to perfect condition and we will hand over the transport to the rescuers. We will convert one of the boats into an operational headquarters vehicle, on the basis of another we will make an emergency and rescue diving station for the quick delivery of the rescue unit and special equipment to the place of emergency, rescue and search operations on the water.💪

During the occupation, the russians took all the rescue equipment out of the city, and after the liberation of the city, a lot of new equipment was destroyed under merciless enemy fire. 💥 There, in the South, the ability to get there quickly means saved lives, and transport for rescuers is by no means a luxury, but only a means for saving people. Two fire trucks donated by our foundation are currently helping local firefighters in Kherson, 🚒🚒 and soon we will replenish the mobile fleet of rescuers with this special vehicle. 🚨

We continue to support our Kherson.

Thanks to those who save us.


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