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Necessary medical equipment and materials were handed over to Kyiv Children's Clinical Hospital No.1

💪 We continue our humanitarian mission - we help those who save the lives of Ukrainians who suffered as a result of russia's military aggression. With the support of the German colleagues of ASB RV Stormarn-Segeberg, we transferred the necessary medical equipment and materials to the Kyiv Children's Clinical Hospital No. 1.

🔥 Last year, at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, the hospital on Bogatyrska literally found itself on the front line, and after the liberation of the northern outskirts of Kyiv, it quickly resumed work and now accepts both children and military personnel for treatment every day. Thanks to our help, doctors organized additional places in the intensive care unit to help victims in difficult conditions and this is an additional chance to save more human lives.

✅ hospital beds

✅ monitors of patients' welcome functions

✅ infusion syringe pumps

✅ optics for operations

✅ endoscopic illuminator

✅ consumables

Thank you for every life saved 🙏. Thanks to everyone who helps.

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