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Nikopol firefighters received 100 turnstiles

Nikopol firefighters received 100 turnstiles.

Today, Firefighters work in conditions so close to combat that the need for body armor, helmets and tourniquets and personal first aid kits is no longer just a precautionary measure.

Ukrainian Firefighters and rescuers are the first to appear at the site of the arrival of enemy missiles and bombs. They arrive instantly. The goal is to save the surviving Ukrainians. And it is at this moment that they become a target for a repeated missile attack by bloodthirsty inhumans. Yes, it is beyond logic and humanity. But this is the new reality of our Firefighters. We must do everything possible to make the work of rescuers a little easier and to increase the level of their personal safety.

We thank the Razom for Ukraine fund for responding to the request. We continue to help. Together we are stronger.

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