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Our first rescue vehicle

Our first rescue vehicle, for which collection was organized, found, purchased, equipped, brought.

Our pride and our motivation to help even harder. Today we handed over this cool truck to our firefighters from Kherson.

When we announced the gathering, we planned that the truck would go to help the rescuers in front-line Mykolaiv. But while we were collecting, our soldiers defeated the enemy beyond the Dnipro and now Kherson has already become the front-line, so by joint decision we agreed to transfer the truck to where it is most needed now - to our Kherson. And soon we will hand over the headquarters rescue vehicle to Mykolaiv firefighters.

But we believe in our defenders and are sure that soon there will be a need for rescue equipment for the liberated Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Mariupol. Therefore, exhale and move forward. Together - strength.

Join and support our rescuers and firefighters!

You can support Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation programs by clicking the button below! Together to victory!

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