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Sets of fire overalls and shoes for brave and indomitable rescuers of Kharkiv

Combat clothes and shoes for rescuers in war conditions are simply consumables. The number of trips is many times greater than in peacetime, firefighters are constantly on combat trips, and their equipment wears out and becomes unusable very quickly.

Ukrainians from America Help Ukraine, Oswego NY and American firefighters City of Schenectady Fire Department, Fleming Fire Department Co. No.2: President: Peter Pinckney, VP: Gary Coon, Har-Rob Fire Apparatus provided us, and we delivered and handed over sets of fire overalls and shoes to the brave and indomitable rescuers of Kharkiv, which will protect the life and health of our rescuers 👨🏼‍🚒. The saved lives of rescuers are the saved lives of many Ukrainians! 🔥💪

Thank you very much for your help. On our website, you can familiarize yourself with the urgent needs of the units of the State Emergency Service.

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