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The Kherson fire department was shelled by the russians today.

The Kherson fire station, to which a few weeks ago we handed over a fire-rescue truck, was fired upon by the russians today. Unfortunately, there are dead and injured firefighters.

During the shelling, the rescuers managed to hide behind our car.

The moment when we ask ourselves whether we could have done more, when we understand even more clearly the importance of help and the invaluability of people who save our lives.

We ask for your participation and help in restoring the fire truck of Kherson firefighters. Despite the pain of loss of life, the war continues, the shelling of liberated Kherson does not stop, and firefighters are in a constant kaleidoscope of extinguishing fires, sorting out rubble, and rescuing victims. With constant risk at the cost of one's own life.

Every donation is important and sometimes literally saves a firefighter's life.

You can make a donation conveniently and quickly with the button below:

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