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The underwater drone has been approved for underwater missions!

Greetings, Friends!

We have some good news.

We tested the modern equipment that we collected with you as part of the "Ultramarathon of Gratitude". Namely, underwater drones, minesweepers and other equipment.

Everyone already knows that Vova Skovorodka is merciless to himself. But no one knew what a fierce and meticulous examiner he was.

The underwater drone passed the execution (field test) in Volodymyr and was approved for underwater missions!

In the same way, our executor of underwater equipment allowed metal detectors and other items to perform underwater rescue operations.

Taking care of our rescuers and helping them clean reservoirs is the main task of this equipment, which will soon become part of the ranks of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

So, friends, together with you, we have done a very good job!

By the way, there are two drones that don't have names yet, so suggest them in the comments and join the charity programs of the Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation.

P.S. The most active and creative will receive nice gifts from the foundation and our friend, rescuer Vova Skovorodka of Kyiv State Emergency Service.

You can donate easily by clicking the button below:

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