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Today is a day of pride

The author of the post is Artem Ilkiewicz.

Today is a day of pride.

Proud to have such fantastic people walking on this earth next to me. We meet them on the street or in the supermarket, in the elevator or climbing the stairs. Sometimes they can be called rigid and unemotional.

And one of those people, Vova Skovorodka, is currently running the Gratitude Ultramarathon at the equator of his route.

They do not chase orders, but simply do their job - first arriving at the scene and rescuing people. And agree that it is difficult to save a life in an extraordinary and dangerous situation by succumbing to emotions. But, after a difficult challenge, they are silent for a long time and cry inside so that no one can see.

These are our firefighters. People doing for people. Our heroes.

We are proud and love you!

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