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Together with KLO, we launched a fundraising for the needs of dog rescuers

Together with KLO, we launched a fundraising for the needs of dog rescuers 👨‍🚒🦮🚨, who are involved in every search and rescue operation and search for living people in the most difficult conditions, under the rubble of destroyed buildings 💥🏠.

The group consists of 13 trained dogs who are alternately on combat duty and are always ready to go to the place of the next shelling to search for those who managed to survive. During the period of the armed aggression of the russian federation, units of the canine group were involved in emergency rescue operations in Borodyanka, Lyutezh, Gostomel, Rzhyshchev, Kyiv, Lutsk, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Okhtyrka, Rivne, Kremenchuk, Balaklia, Kherson, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Uman.

Thanks to the work of the canine group, it was possible to save dozens of innocent victims of russian shelling. ❣️

In order to quickly go to the places of search operations, the canine group needs special transport for the transportation of rescuers and dogs. Currently, dog handlers use their own or other unprepared transport during the trip, which complicates the coordination of the group and has a bad effect on the dogs' readiness for work during long-distance moves.

We are planning to buy a van 🚐🥰 and equip the cargo compartment with 6 transport compartments for transporting dogs with a heating and air conditioning system. Such a minibus will allow the group to be delivered more quickly to the place of the search operation, provide comfortable conditions for the dogs and, accordingly, help save more victims.

So refuel and buy what you need at KLO, and transfer the bonuses to our charity fundraising. Every bonus donation you make is a big contribution to saving lives. 🔥💪

Join and support Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation charitable programs:

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