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Water - is life

We edited a short video about helping people who were left without access to any water after the explosion of the Kakhovka Dam. Water pipelines are empty 🚰, wells are silted up, the whole life of the locals literally depends on whether they bring water or not. This reality is hard to put into words, because the summer heat☀️ in steppe cities and towns is merciless, and the saying "Water is life" 💧 doesn't have any figurative meanings there now.

Local communities are trying to solve the problem of water supply, they are restoring water pipes, drilling new wells. But this process is slow, so all life here depends on imported water 🚛. We purchased eurocubes and organized the delivery of drinking water to people in Marganets, Tokmakivka and nearby villages 🇺🇦 who are suffering from the consequences of the explosion at the dam of the reservoir. Several times a week, volunteers deliver 3 tons of drinking water from Zaporizhzhia. Also, if possible, we organize the delivery of bottled drinking water to people. This time, thanks to the help of the Oleg Honcharuk Charitable Fund, more than 10 tons of bottled water were transferred to Marganets.

We support our people, help them survive the calamity brought by russia and its war against our people.💙💛

Thank you to everyone who joins good causes.

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