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We are collecting money for the purchase of three fire trucks for firefighters in front-line ares

Ukrainian soldiers continue their offensive and liberate our land from the occupiers.💪 But as always, the enemy, losing on the battlefield, pours fire on our front-line cities. 💥 Orihiv, Gulyaipole, Zaporizhzhia are daily subjected to artillery fire, enemy aerial bombardments, attacks by russian attack drones - residential buildings and civil infrastructure. The rescuers of the front-line cities of Zaporozhye are continuously eliminating the consequences of enemy strikes and need our support.

We combined the efforts of three charitable organizations from three European countries in order to ensure that Zaporizhia firefighters receive the much-needed equipment. The Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation, the British Ukraine Charity and LUkraine asbl from Luxembourg are jointly collecting funds for the purchase of three fire trucks for the firefighters of the frontline cities.


join in Help. Spread the word about our collection.

Strong together!


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