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We are not tired. We helping. To Victory

The war brought so many losses and horrors that it is difficult to remember what it was like before... In the course of events, memories are lost, and just scrolling through the Facebook feed, looking at photos, re-reading posts, you remember about already forgotten events.

Let's leave this video about our volunteer routine here, so that later, when flipping through the tape, you can watch it and remember as if everything was like that - quickly and with fun music in the background.😂😌

Now we recall how at the end of winter we planned to collect the first armored car 🚑 for rescuers, and it seemed like an impossible task at the time. And in less than half a year, it was possible to hand over three such armored vehicles 🚑🚑🚑, which now save and protect the lives of emergency workers and locals every day in the frontline cities. This motivates and forces us not to lose momentum. Above all, the rescuers of Kherson and Donbass, who sincerely thank you for the help, because they know how much this help can save lives and destinies, are motivating above all. 🔥💪

The main thing is that everyone whom we help and who helps us, already in peaceful Ukraine, after the victory, can also remember this war only by looking at old Facebook posts.

And let all difficulties remain behind the scenes.

We are not tired. We helping. To Victory.

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