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We are starting a new collection for one more fire truck for rescuers of Kherson!

We are starting a new collection for one more fire engine for rescuers of Kherson!🔥 🚒

Together with the "WOG" gas station network, we aim to collect 1,700,000 hryvnias for the rescue of Ukrainians suffering from enemy shelling. While fleeing, the russians stole and destroyed almost all the fire equipment that was in the city, the need for fire trucks in Kherson is now enormous.

And each of us can do a great thing - help Ukrainian firefighters. 🇺🇦🔥💪

Join the "Good Bonuses" project - save the lives of Ukrainians with your PRIDE bonuses.

👉 On the main page of the PRIDE application, click on the "Good bonuses" banner

👉 Choose the number of bonuses you want to transfer, or better click "Transfer all available bonuses"

Your bonuses will be transferred in monetary equivalent to the purchase of a fire truck. We will quickly find, purchase and equip a car, deliver it and hand it over to our fearless Kherson firefighters.

Together to victory!

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