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We help the legendary Ghosts of Kyiv!

We help the legendary Ghosts of Kyiv! 💪

🔥 Thousands of military firefighters serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces every day. The lives of our soldiers and the ability of our soldiers to destroy the enemy and defend our land depend on their skill and availability of what they need. Providing the fire and rescue units of the Armed Forces with the necessary equipment is our common interest and at the same time incredible pride for the foundation.

👉 We handed over fire hoses, lubricants and technical fluids for a fire truck, a set of tires for a fire truck, fire barrels, gloves for firefighters. Let's familiarize ourselves with the specifics and needs of the fire service in our army and we are already planning how to make our assistance to the military systematic and larger.

Join and support Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation charitable programs:

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