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Your good deeds help rescuers every day

Your good deeds help rescuers every day.💪

The motor boat 🚤, which we purchased thanks to your donations for the rescuers of Kherson after the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP 💥🌊, is now helping to train units of rescue divers. The active phase of the rescue operation in the flooded part of Kherson has been completed, but there are still many tasks to be done in the search and disposal of mines, clearing debris both on land and in the Dnipro water area. The training of divers takes place in combat conditions, rescuers share real experience, improve their skills and master new equipment.

We strive to systematically invest in strengthening the capabilities of rescue units and help Kherson rescue divers - a good example when, with your participation, rescuing people, finding and neutralizing threats on the water became more efficient and safer.

Thank you to everyone who saves us (and trains to save us 😊).


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