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Fire truck for firefighters of Kherson

Final consumer: - DSES, Kherson.

Purpose: - Fire truck for firefighters of Kherson.

Address of the Department of State Emergency Services of Kherson to the Fund


Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation opens collection for fire trucks for Kherson.


Our Rescuers and Firefighters are the first on the scene of a disaster after rocket and bomb hits. They are the last hope of saving those who survived and are under rubble or in a fire trap. Their faces are the first thing rescued Ukrainians see.


Unfortunately, the enemy understands this no worse than we do. Firefighters and rescuers, as well as the entire infrastructure of the State Emergency Service, are priority targets for the aggressor.


As a result of a targeted enemy attack, Kherson rescuers lost several units of rescue and firefighting equipment, which was not enough anyway. There are wounded among the personnel.


We know that the Armed Forces will give the enemy a decent response, because they understand this well. But we cannot stand aside either. Our goal is to compensate for losses in the equipment of the Kherson State Emergency Service.

The goal of the collection is 60,000 Euros.


We call on Businesses and Citizens to join the collection.

Only together we are stronger.

42,857.00 € / 60,000.00 €

Fundraising is in progress!


854,239.00 ₴ / 1,200,000.00 ₴

Fundraising is in progress!


Two fire trucks

Final consumer: - DSES, Zaporizhzhia.

Purpose: - Two fire trucks for the rescuers of Orikhov and Gulyaipol.

Address of the Department of State Emergency Services of Zaporizhzhia to the Fund

Plus two more fire trucks for rescuers of Ukraine from the Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation!
The uniqueness of this event lies in people from different parts of the world who united to help the rescuers of the Zaporizhzhia region.


Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation appealed to the head of fire protection at London Gatwick International Airport, Simon Pettsy, who supported our initiative and, together with the airport administration, agreed to hand over two Scania type B fire trucks to the rescuers of Gulyaipol and Orichov.

We sincerely thank Oliver North, a great friend of our foundation, who put a lot of effort into making this happen. His team, NORTH FIRE, completely carried out the current repair of fire engines and their preparation for use in Ukraine.


Huge respect and gratitude to Mazda Ukraine, SE "AUTO International" - the Ukrainian representative office of the Japanese company has covered absolutely all current financial costs of this task.


Our goal remains the same - to continue to unite people from all over the world to support our rescuers and firefighters. Provide them with everything they need to keep them safe and help them save people's lives.

1,191,000.00 ₴ / 1,191,000.00 ₴

​Fundraising is closed. The cars are handed over to the end user.


Operational headquarters and operational rescue minibuses


Address of the Department of State Emergency Services of Kherson to the Fund

Purpose: - Operational headquarters and operational rescue minibuses.

The efforts of caring people and cool companies joined forces so that the Kherson rescuers had new transport and equipment for combat missions. 🔥💪


Thanks to philanthropists from the company Infopulse Ukraine, an operational headquarters minibus was delivered to Kherson, which will help to quickly deliver the rescue team and, if necessary, deploy the management of the rescue operation. 🚐

Philanthropists from the Intellias company paid for the purchase of an operational rescue minibus, and Ukrainians who transferred 150,000 bonuses to our collection through the Fora network application, provided additional equipment and as a result Kherson received a mobile emergency rescue diving station. 🚐🌊


Together with the Public Initiative Program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and with the support of the Institute of Ukrainian Studies, 3 dry suits and computer equipment for underwater work were purchased and handed over to Kherson divers. 🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️


Many thanks to everyone who joined and helped Kherson and the rescuers! 💙💛


Together - strength.