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5 million hryvnias to help Kherson rescuers!

5 million hryvnias to help Kherson rescuers! 🔥🔥🔥

That's how much we managed to collect yesterday. All this is thanks to you. Every donation you make helps save the lives of Ukrainian people in the Kherson region and breaks the enemy's plans to force us to surrender.💙💛

When announcing the collection, we frankly did not count on such your activity and underestimated your desire to help with the hryvnia in liquidating the consequences of the explosion of the Kakhovskaya Dam. They planned to collect water pumping equipment so that rescuers would have the opportunity to protect critical infrastructure from flooding and prevent the city from collapsing. This will make it possible to organize a proper process of evacuating the victims and ensure the normal operation of humanitarian services, and will help our military to defend the city against the russians.

Just yesterday we paid for 10 motorized pumps for dirty water (297,990 UAH), 2 high-powered motorized pumps (158,000 UAH) and 500 meters of suction hoses (300,000 UAH). The equipment is already on the way, soon the Kherson rescuers will receive our cargo and will be able to start pumping water from the flooded objects of the city.💪

And since you, our benefactors, far exceeded our collection plans, together with the rescuers, we decided to direct the remainder of your collected funds to equipment for local scuba rescuers. Part of Kherson and the oblast has turned from dry land into a floodplain of the Dnieper, and all work on demining, evacuating people, and rescuing, which used to be done on land, will now have to be carried out on water or under water.

🚨We continue our collection to help the Kherson rescuers and aim to completely "close" the equipment and equipment needs for scuba divers and divers.

We promise to tell and show the current realities of Kherson and the daily struggle of rescuers for human lives and their hometown in a separate post.

Thanks to everyone who helps. You are incredible! Your help is invaluable!🔥

Brief report on yesterday's meeting:

✔️ UAH 790,245 (including 150,000 from Okean Elzy and 300,000 from WOG Gas Station Network)

✔️ UAH 2,407,856 to our MonoBank

✔️ UAH 1,748,653 were transferred with points in the Fishka loyalty program

✔️ 2043$ and 665€ have been sent to our PayPal

✔️ over UAH 50,000 - a discount from ROZETKA on purchased motor pumps

As always, detailed reports on the gatherings and assistance given to rescuers will be available on our website. We will report in photos and videos as soon as the equipment is in Kherson.

Please spread the information about the opportunity to join and help Kherson on your pages and, if possible, support the rescuers with hryvnias!

Thank you for your trust! We continue to help.

You can donate using the button below:

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