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Flooding after the russians blew up the Kakhovskaya Dam

Our Kherson, which has been under daily enemy artillery fire for half a year, is experiencing a new disaster today - flooding after the russians blew up the Kakhovskaya Dam 🌊.

Kherson rescuers are on call, promptly evacuate local residents, organize reception points for refugees from flooded areas, work to reduce flooding damage to critical infrastructure facilities of the city. 🙏

We have already responded to the request of the rescuers of Kherson and are purchasing motor pumps for pumping out water, we are trying to deliver the necessary equipment to the South as soon as possible. We will also quickly deliver humanitarian cargo to Kherson for civilians whose homes, unfortunately, were flooded after russia's inhumane actions.

Those willing to help the people of Kherson, Kherson and its rescuers can join our collection by using the button below:

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