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​Roman Prymus
Deputy Chairman of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

"Rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine constantly carry out rescue operations and deliver humanitarian aid to those Ukrainians who need it most, including in the hottest cities and villages where hostilities are taking place, despite the great risks to the lives of the rescuers themselves."

Andriy Tverdovsky
Head of the Ukrainian firefighters Foundation

"The "Unbreakable" charity program is aimed at helping affected Ukrainians. We strive to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, to protect the lives and health of our fellow citizens who became innocent victims of russian aggression. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have managed to transfer more than 80 tons of aid precisely to those regions where the humanitarian situation was the most difficult. Thanks to constant close cooperation with the rescuers of the frontline cities and regular trips of our volunteers to the front line, we know the actual needs of people in specific places, deliver and distribute aid directly to people."


Humanitarian program "Unbreakable"

We receive and update requests for humanitarian aid for residents of towns and villages affected by Russian shelling from our volunteers, rescuers of the State Emergency Service, representatives of partner public and charitable projects working in the front-line zone. We promptly respond to requests, coordinate with Ukrainian companies and international partners in order to deliver the necessary products and equipment to people as quickly as possible.
The joint program has logistics hubs in Kyiv, Lviv and Poland, which allows to receive, store and distribute even large batches of humanitarian aid as quickly as possible.

We are constantly expanding international cooperation and invite commercial and charitable institutions to join the implementation of the humanitarian program "Unbreakable".




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