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Border and frontline communities are under constant attack on civilian and infrastructure facilities. As a result, a partial evacuation of the civilian population was announced. Dozens of residential buildings have been completely destroyed.

 Local rescuers take part in evacuation missions and provide assistance to civilians, extinguish fires, and eliminate the consequences of enemy attacks around the clock.

A true volunteer fraternity, the Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation, the All-Ukrainian Patriot Association and Razom for Ukraine, joined forces to send 200 individual medical kits and 100 turnstiles to local rescuers.

Special thanks go to our colleagues from the Vovchok People's Higher School, who immediately responded to the request and travelled to Sumy region to conduct training on the use of tactical first aid kits and first aid.

The situation in Nikopol has also escalated, so we sent an additional 100 turnstiles to local rescuers.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped and continues to help Ukrainian rescuers!

Let's join forces and keep working!

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