Pokrovsk rescuers received additional transport.

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Pokrovsk rescuers have received additional transport.
Pokrovsk is a small heroic town in the Donetsk region, 50 km from the frontline, which is constantly under enemy attack.
Local rescuers and firefighters work here around the clock, almost without rest.
A few days ago, volunteers of the Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation handed over an operational and staff minibus to the Pokrovsk rescuers.
The vehicle will be used for humanitarian, rescue and evacuation missions.
With the support of philanthropists and donors, this is the eleventh specialised rescue vehicle that the Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation has handed over to rescuers and firefighters of the SES of Ukraine over the past year.
We continue to unite the world's efforts to support and help Ukraine's rescuers.
We remind you that a fundraising campaign has been launched to buy fire and rescue trucks for Kherson firefighters who came under enemy fire last week, as a result of which the personnel were injured and the fire truck was destroyed.