russians shelled Kherson's private sector again today

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Today, the russians shelled the private sector of Kherson once again - they ‘hit’ the house of a family of pensioners, and a fire broke out in the house.
Kherson firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and, despite the shelling, began to extinguish the fire, rescued the 82-year-old grandmother and handed her over to paramedics, who had already taken her to hospital. Unfortunately, it later turned out that an 81-year-old grandfather had died as a result of a russian shell hit in the house.

The photo shows one of the fire trucks that our foundation handed over to Kherson firefighters in April against the background of the house of Kherson civilians destroyed by the russians today.

Vehicles only help to save lives, but it is people, their courage, fearlessness, skills and willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others that save lives. It is a great honour to help Kherson rescuers, these brave and fearless people who face mortal danger every day, and we will definitely continue to support them, provide them with transport, rescue vehicles, equipment and gear.