Amazing people for emergency situations.

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Extraordinary people for extraordinary situations.

This is primarily about the rescuers of Donetsk Oblast, to whom we have delivered an armoured rescue vehicle Defender today, and in a day or two they will be on the road and will have to be on the job at home in the Ukrainian Donbas, under constant fire, in pursuit of the lives of our people - to be on time, to take out, to deliver, to save.

Thousands of Ukrainians who transferred their points in the Fishka app are also extraordinary. Some donated a few bonus hryvnias, others a hundred, and all together they raised as much as a million hryvnias for this armoured vehicle. This means that everyone helped save someone's life.
Our friends from the UK, the Ukraine Charity Foundation, are also extraordinary people who are concerned about the fate of Ukrainians a thousand kilometres away. They did not stand aside from our fundraising and donated more than £30,000 to buy cars for rescuers.
The extraordinary Vova Skovorodka, a rescuer from Kyiv, a record-breaking marathon runner, spent his only day off between his mission to Kherson to help us and meet with his colleagues from Donbas.
Volunteers of the LUkraine asbl Foundation from Luxembourg, a small European country, who made a huge effort and helped with all the legal details of the contract for the purchase of a car for rescuers.
Mr Oliver, the owner of the UK-based Venari Group, the manufacturer of this armoured beauty, travelled thousands of kilometres to meet with those who save lives on the frontline every day. By the way, Mr Oliver greeted and said goodbye to us in pure English - ‘SLAVA UKRAINI’.
We respond: ‘Glory to the Heroes!

We thank all the extraordinary people who are doing incredible things, bringing our victory closer with big and small deeds, protecting and saving people, and giving us faith that together we are stronger than any emergency.