Explosion at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. Help for the rescuers of Kherson region!

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‘We've only seen this kind of boat in photographs before and could only dream about it,’ the rescuers tell us as they inspect the motorboat we delivered to Kherson on Saturday.
In the days following the explosion of the hydroelectric power station at the Kakhovka reservoir, these brave people managed to evacuate several thousand people from the flooded areas, saving them from certain death. Almost every day, the Russians targeted the rescuers during search and evacuation operations, but the rescue did not stop because they were saving their own people - ordinary Kherson residents, their neighbours, those with whom they went to school or who taught the rescuers themselves, just acquaintances and good friends.

It took us two trucks and two minibuses to bring all the help we have collected together for the rescuers of Kherson. Rescue units from all over Ukraine are now working in the city, and hundreds of rescuers are helping to eliminate the consequences of the flooding. So our help will come in handy, and the equipment we have donated will be used by the rescuers to carry out their tasks from today.
Unfortunately, the scale of the high water disaster in Kherson region is very large. There are still long days and weeks ahead to deal with the aftermath of the flooding - collapsed buildings in flooded areas, pumping water out of low-lying areas when the high water recedes, siltation of huge areas that will be impossible to move through by conventional transport, mines and explosives, fallen trees, and debris from buildings that have been swept away by the current.
We have some funds raised for the needs of Kherson rescuers and plan to buy another batch of special vehicles soon - boats and vehicles for moving through the marsh. We will decide together with the Kherson rescuers, and we will keep you informed and report back as usual.

We are grateful to all the kind people who contributed. Your help is a lifesaver! Your inspiration to help gives hope to the people of Kherson that all the troubles will pass, we will overcome everything, we will stand and win.
Special thanks to those who responded to our appeal for help: Okean Elzy, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and Victoria Khomenko for UAH 150 thousand and for the impetus they gave to our fundraising for the needs of Kherson. WOG petrol station chain for UAH 300 thousand. Lefty for 20 additional motor pumps. KLO for humanitarian aid and delivery. TotalEnergies for motor oils and lubricants. Oleg Honcharuk's Charitable Foundation for drinking water. Markus Foundation for joining our initiative and donating one million hryvnias worth of rescue equipment.

We would like to ask you to put a heart on this post and remind you that we are still collecting money in the Fora app and you can transfer your cashback bonus to the needs of Kherson rescuers.