American firefighters deliver aid to colleagues from Kharkiv region

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There is no enemy that our soldiers cannot defeat. There is no disaster that would frighten our rescuers. No oceans will be an obstacle for Ukrainians to help their defenders.

These brave men, the Kharkiv rescuers, have been looking death in the eye every day for eight months in a row, eliminating the consequences of incessant Russian shelling, extinguishing fires, clearing rubble, and evacuating people from dangerous areas.

It is a great honour for us to help these incredible people who save lives of Ukrainians every day. We are even more pleased that we are able to unite Ukrainians and involve true friends of Ukraine from all over the world in our cause.

Thanks to the participation of Ukrainians from Help Ukraine, Oswego NY and American firefighters from the City of Schenectady Fire Department, we have delivered sets of modern firefighting gear to the Kharkiv Oblast State Emergency Service units that will protect the lives and health of our rescuers. Saved lives of rescuers mean saved lives of many Ukrainians!