Good evening, we are from Ukraine!

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Good evening, we are from Ukraine!

The team of the Ukrainian Firefighters Foundation is in Mykolaiv! We have delivered 120 bulletproof vests for the needs of local rescuers and defenders of the city.

Mykolaiv region suffers daily from Russian shelling with rocket and cannon artillery. Unfortunately, in recent days, civilians and civilian objects in towns and villages have been increasingly targeted by the enemy - this is how the Russians ‘respond’ to the successful offensive of our troops and the liberation of part of the territory on the southern frontline. So there is a lot of work for both our military, who are driving the enemy off Ukrainian soil, and our rescuers, who are non-stop eliminating the consequences of shelling.

We are grateful to the 24 Lviv Headquarters and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine for their help in purchasing bulletproof vests for Mykolaiv defenders. We thank our friends and fellow volunteers from Mykolaiv and Vitaliy Kim, the head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, for the warm welcome and for a free Ukrainian Mykolaiv. We thank our military and rescuers. We continue to help. Please join in!

Everything will be Ukraine!