Dog car for four-legged Rescuers 2.0

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We are fundraising for one more vehicle for dog handlers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The experience of our rescuers shows the high efficiency of using four-legged friends in rescue and search missions. This is especially true when clearing rubble in high-rise buildings as a result of missile and bomb attacks on civilian infrastructure.

The priority is always to save lives. Time is of the essence. The sooner the rescuers determine the location of a person in need of help, the greater the chance of rescue. This means that the canine team must arrive as soon as possible, and the dogs must be in the best possible shape for their important work.

We will purchase a dog vehicle with 4 dog seats + 6 crew seats. The vehicle will be manufactured in England. Thus, the vehicle will meet all the standards of rescue dog handlers and animal welfare standards in the UK.

The availability of such a vehicle will significantly enhance the capabilities of the SES dog units and help our rescuers save even more Ukrainians.