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In the frontline areas, almost every time rescuers go on a mission, they risk coming under enemy fire. Apparently, the Russians are shooting at unarmed firefighters even more persistently, knowing that they will not receive an armed response from them. Body armour, helmets and armoured vehicles help save the lives of rescuers in such circumstances.
Each case when an armoured vehicle we have donated takes rescuers out of the line of fire motivates us to look for opportunities to provide even more armoured vehicles.


Yesterday we delivered two more armoured Land Rover Defenders to the sappers of Kherson region.

Our priority is to save the lives and health of the sappers, who are essential to the work of de-mining the liberated territories.
Since the liberation of the right-bank part of Kherson region, sappers and rescuers have been performing demining tasks on a daily basis. The enemy constantly monitors the work of the sappers and tries to shell the area at every opportunity, despite the blue helmets of the rescuers and the absence of any threat from the rescuers to themselves.
The armoured vehicles will save the lives of the rescuers - in case of shelling, they will help them quickly leave the danger zone, and in case of hitting a mine, they will take the brunt of the impact on their armour. The Foundation spent more than £100,000 on manufacturing the armoured vehicles in the UK. One vehicle was purchased through cooperation with the Fishka loyalty programme. Customers who accumulate points for purchases from partners transferred them to charitable projects in the mobile app and on the Fishka Charity platform website.
Toyota Ukraine helped to purchase the second vehicle, and their charitable contribution fully covered the purchase of an armoured car for the sappers. We are grateful to our partners and everyone who contributed to the fundraising for these armoured vehicles.
Every donation helps those who save us.
If we save the lives of the rescuers, we will be able to clear our liberated land of enemy mines and shells faster.

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