Fire truck for firefighters of Sumy region

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The Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation launches a collection for fire trucks for Sumy region.

Our rescuers and firefighters are the first on the scene after a disaster after rocket and bomb attacks. They are the last hope for rescuing survivors who are trapped in the rubble or in a fire trap. Their faces are the first thing rescued Ukrainians see.

Unfortunately, the enemy understands this as well as we do. Firefighters and rescuers, as well as the entire infrastructure of the State Emergency Service, are priority targets for the aggressor.

We know that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will give the enemy a worthy response, because they are well versed in this. But we cannot stand aside either.

The fundraising goal is 60,000 Euros.

We urge businesses and citizens to join the collection.

Only together we are stronger.


All your charitable donations, every effort and desire to help makes a big deal.

Thanks to your donations during the LIONS ON A Jeep stream and the efforts of the WOG filling station network, we managed to raise UAH 2 million for a fire truck for our rescuers, and true friends of Ukraine, Oliver and Mark from North Fire, equipped and delivered the vehicle from the UK.
This fire truck with a ladder truck will help firefighters from the Sumy region border to save lives in villages and towns that are constantly under fire from the Russians.
As promised, we would like to convey our sincere gratitude from Sumy firefighters to everyone who contributed to the fundraising for this fire truck.

We thank you and continue to help those who save us.

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