The aftermath of the explosion at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. Helping civilians in the Dnipro region.

We made a short video about helping people who were left without access to any water after the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station was blown up. Water pipes are empty, wells and boreholes are shallow or silted up, and the entire life of the locals literally depends on whether or not water will be delivered. This reality is hard to put into words, as the summer heat in the steppe towns and cities is merciless, and the phrase "Water is life" has no figurative meaning there.
Local communities are trying to solve the water supply problem by restoring water pipes and drilling new wells. But this is a slow process, so all life here depends on imported water. We bought Eurocubes and organised the delivery of drinking water to people in Marganets, Tokmakivka and nearby villages affected by the damming of the reservoir. Several times a week, volunteers deliver 3 tonnes of drinking water from Zaporizhzhia. Whenever possible, we also organise the delivery of bottled drinking water to people. This time, thanks to our help, we delivered more than 10 tonnes of bottled water to Marganets.
We support our people and help them survive the disaster caused by Russia and its war against our people.
We are grateful to everyone who contributes to our good deeds.