Fundraising for an armoured car for Bakhmut rescuers

Bakhmut is a symbol of Ukrainian resistance, a city that is holding out thanks to the bravery of our soldiers.
However, as always, hundreds and thousands of civilians remain behind the scenes of the merciless fighting, becoming innocent victims of enemy shelling. Their fate often falls entirely on the shoulders of rescuers, who are the only ones who can come to the aid of civilians in combat conditions, take them to hospital, evacuate them from under fire, deliver food, water and medicine.
The rescuers make daily trips to the Bakhmut area in civilian cars or ambulances, and under constant shelling help people survive the hellish battles for the city and surrounding villages. The intensity of the fighting is constantly increasing, and the road to Bakhmut is becoming increasingly dangerous.
Rescuers need armoured vehicles.
To save the lives of civilians and the lives of the rescuers themselves, we have organised a fundraiser to buy an armoured multi-purpose vehicle for the firefighters of Donetsk Oblast.
Within a month, we have already raised UAH 670 thousand thanks to benefactors who transferred their bonus points in the app .
We ask you to join our collection, in particular to our Monobank account, as every donation, even a small one, brings us closer to our goal of buying an armoured vehicle for Bakhmut rescuers.