Charity ultramarathon in honor of Rescuer's Day!

For us, Volodymyr Skovorodka is the personification of all Ukrainian firefighters.
He is dedicated to his vocation as a rescuer, to his people, family and country. He is a loyal comrade whom you can rely on, always ready to come (run) to the rescue. Incredible strength in the body and incredible strength of spirit. Unstoppable and unbreakable. A rock in which the big, kind heart of a Ukrainian beats.
This is a small film from our foundation as a good memory of this day when, in sincere hugs and smiles, we shared our worries and our sadness, recharged with incredible energy, took a little bit of saving power and gave all our love to those who save our lives every day.
Thank you for your friendship, Cossack.
Thank you for your service to every rescuer.
You are super. You are heroes.