The first VR simulator for rescuers and firefighters has finally appeared in Ukraine.

We are pleased to share with you an extraordinary event!

Ukraine has finally got its first augmented reality simulator for rescuers and firefighters. The Ukrainian Firefighters Foundation received this state-of-the-art high-tech system as a donation from FLAIM Systems with the participation of the British North Fire campaign.

This system allows for the training of rescue missions within 80 scenarios of varying complexity. From extinguishing an ordinary household fire to a complex mission to eliminate a man-made disaster. Moreover, with several such systems, you can practice teamwork. The system collects, records, and analyses the effectiveness of the mission according to many criteria. These include reaction time, the amount of water or foam used, the effectiveness of the selected tools, and much more.
The system fully immerses the user in the selected virtual scenario. The operator physically feels the heat from the flames, vibrations from the fire hose, the resistance and weight of the fire hose, and hears all the sounds typical of the event.

Together with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, we are making efforts to create functional voluntary fire brigades in the ATCs. Therefore, this simulator was delivered to the Higher Vocational School of the LSU of Fire and Rescue, where it will be available to both career firefighters and cadets and rescuers - volunteers who are studying as part of the training programme for volunteer fire brigades.