More than 100 trained rescuers in Donetsk region.

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More than 100 trained rescuers in Donetsk region.

This is the result of the First Aid course we organised, which lasted for five days in Kramatorsk, Kostiantynivka, Pokrovsk, Selidove and Druzhkivka.

Emergency workers in frontline towns are universal soldiers of salvation. Often, when they arrive at the scene of a shelling, people's lives depend on the rescuer and their skills. International partners and philanthropists have provided rescuers with new modern first aid kits, but many of them did not have the skills to use the new medical equipment. We decided to organise a practical course in first aid so that the new tourniquets, haemostatic and other equipment in the first aid kits would not be just for show or for show, but would actually work and help the victims during rescue operations.

We are strengthening our rescuers in theory and in their ‘classroom’ practice so that they can save their lives and save others in real life. We plan to develop new training programmes in cooperation with emergency responders and share our successful experience with as many rescuers as possible.

We are not tired. We are in a fighting mood. Let's help!