Volunteers of the Foundation delivered the most necessary equipment to Kherson

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UAH 3,880,190 of your donations have already been sent to help rescuers in Kherson who have been evacuating people from flooded areas and eliminating the consequences of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station explosion for the third day in a row amid shelling.

The Foundation's volunteers have sent to Kherson the most necessary equipment to help rescuers at this stage, while large areas of the city are still flooded.

✔️ Whaly polyethylene motor boat with transport carriage
✔️ 10 motor pumps for sludge and dirty water
✔️ 2 heavy-duty Daishin 2000 l/min motor pumps
✔️ 500 metres of suction hoses for motorised pumps
✔️ Lightweight pneumatic frame module ‘Trelltent’ with electric
✔️ Rapid deployment diving station
✔️ 350 pieces of diving equipment

The rescue operation in Kherson is ongoing. We are in constant communication with the rescuers and promptly respond to requests for assistance. We are already planning the next shipment of rescue equipment that will be needed when the high water gradually recedes from the Kherson region.