Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation signed a memorandum of cooperation with the SES of Ukraine

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We are the Ukrainian FireFighters Foundation because we need to have a clear name. But we are people just like you or your friends. We are a group of friends who could not stand aside and started to help and act. We asked about the needs, searched for money, vehicles, equipment, and did everything we could to help our rescuers.
Since our Foundation's inception, we have delivered UAH 5.5 million worth of specialised aid to the SES units (this is called end users), i.e. where the need is.
This became possible only thanks to your concern and systematic support of the Ukrainian business community, friends from the volunteer movement and ordinary Ukrainians. But it was also made possible thanks to the adequate and professional work of the SES management structure. And we thank you all for that!

On 19.07, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with the SES of Ukraine. This is an important step for us as a foundation. We will continue to help our rescuers and firefighters.
The scale and complexity of the tasks faced by rescuers are enormous. They really need modern professional equipment to work effectively.
So, we do not stop, we help the guys and girls from the SES to save the lives of Ukrainians!