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Rescuers and firefighters of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kherson Oblast are working around the clock and in the frontline city, despite the increased danger, continue to save people and eliminate numerous emergencies of various kinds and fires. Due to the temporary occupation of the territory of the Kherson region, more than 300 units of special equipment of subordinate units were lost.

A special medium-sized rescue vehicle is designed to support the actions of 4-6 rescuers, carry out priority rescue operations and other urgent work related to the elimination of the consequences of emergencies and events, search for victims and provide them with first aid, conduct radiation and chemical reconnaissance, communications and warning during the elimination of the consequences of emergencies, disasters and natural disasters.


Our first rescue vehicle, for which we organised a fundraiser, found, purchased, equipped and delivered.

It is our pride and our motivation to help even more. Today we have handed over this cool truck to our firefighters from Kherson.

When we announced the collection, we planned to send the truck to help rescuers in frontline Mykolaiv. However, while we were collecting money, our soldiers drove the enemy across the Dnipro and Kherson became a frontline city, so we agreed to transfer the truck to the place where it is most needed - our Kherson. And soon we will send a headquarters rescue vehicle to Mykolaiv firefighters.

But we believe in our defenders and are confident that soon there will be a need for rescue equipment for the liberated Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk and Mariupol. So, we exhaled and went ahead. Together we are strong.

Fishka, Ukrainian American Coordinating Council

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